Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weinberg Family

Y'all. MORE twins. Girls this time. Hannah and Meredith are the cutest little girls ever. Those big blue eyes, chunky cheeks and legs? I didn't stand a chance. This session was so much fun and Hannah and Meredith definitely made us all work for those big smiles. They were SO aware of their surroundings. The beginning started out with faces full of apprehension. But as they realized that we were just all kinda hanging out, those smiles started coming out. All of the waiting and patience is SOOOOO worth those baby smiles. They are the best. Nothing like 'em. I still say I want a set of twins for my own. Gabrielle warned me that it is a LOT harder during the regular day to day. I don't disagree with that, BUT how can you not want two chunky, cooing babies?!?! Gabrielle and Seth did an awesome job with this session. We had TONS of props and it was a new location for all of us. The Chesapeake Arboretum has a really cool red barn that we took advantage of for these fall themed pictures. Hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds...fall is here! And those adorable leaf baby headbands on the girls? Made by momma herself. Check out Gabrielle's Etsy page, she has tons of cute things =]

Say what you want, but for me babies in crates will never get old.

That look is priceless.

A little booger action

Not the best picture, but I just LOVE how Meredith is telling Hannah that it's OK.

But then she too started to panic.

The pumpkins came with every emotion possible by 6 month old girls =]

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