Monday, October 13, 2014

Morgan & Emma

Morgan and I worked long, wonderful treacherous days at Longhorn Steakhouse in Florida for years together. She is actually from the Hampton Roads area. It always surprised me how many people we met in Florida that were either from here or had been here. Morgan came up for a family visit last week and I knew I HAD to get some sunny pictures of her and Emma. Seriously, babies in giant shells and Morgan's perfectly blonde hair? Yea, this had to happen. Wouldn't you know we probably ended up picking the windiest day ever to do a session at the beach. It was wild out there. Emma was NOT having it unless her mama was holding her =] We also went across the street to get some more fall-y type shots. Those gorgeous tall grasses are one of my favorite things ever. I am still so surprised at how much she looked right at me. The handful of smiles that she gave us didn't come easy (they usually don't with the little ones), but oh are they SO worth the patience required. She also gave the most perfectly timed little coos or squeals when we said things to her or asked her something. It was hilarious. I'm telling you, babies know the secrets of the universe. I think they know everything we are saying. Emma did such a good job! She worked that camera =]

Y'all should know by now I cannot NOT put a baby in a crate.

One of my favorite faces haha

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