Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grant's 1 Year Session

All of these babies make me so happy! I could probably do a session with babies everyday. Especially with babies like Grant, who is absolutely adorable. Do you see those big blue eyes? #icanteven Yea, sometimes (ok, maybe a lot) I talk in hashtags. It's fun, don't be so serious! Tonja was my first official someone-I've-never-met referral. Y'all don't even know how exciting that was. Oh and the nerves, yea don't forget those. But when I got there, once again, all those nerves melted away. I guess this is just gonna be the pattern. As long as I keep getting these AWESOME clients I'm perfectly fine with that. You have no idea how much I appreciate the referrals from everyone. That means that you liked my work enough to tell someone else. Which basically is just the best thing since sliced bread. This little business is taking off WAY faster than I thought it would and I couldn't be more happy. Still light years from where I want to be, but progress is all I can ask for right now. Every Facebook "like" and "share" makes me all twitterpated. It's probably obnoxious how excited I get about it. The best part is Vernon saying "hey babe your page has XX likes"...."now it has XXX likes." Gotta love that guy! =]

Grant was such the perfect little model. He was so happy and a go-with-the-flow baby. The only thing he didn't enjoy was not wearing a shirt. Seriously, it really bothered him. Which we all found kinda quirky and hilarious. Gave him a shirt and he was good as gold again. I came home and told Chandler how good Grant was and that he needs to get his act together. It was a nice change to not have to run 5 miles chasing Chandler everywhere.

We went to First Landing for these (can you tell I love it there?), and it did not disappoint. Mom, dad and grandma all came along and it was so great to have so many helping hands! We did have to battle our way through millions of mosquitoes, but the joggers, bikers and especially the dogs provided Grant with all sorts of entertainment. Tonja told me about a terrible experience they had with a studio photographer and I was determined to have a better outcome. Not only was our session itself more relaxed for all of the adults, but these genuine smiles show that Grant enjoyed it more as well. I hope you all enjoy these blue eyes and blonde curls as much as I do!

Seriously...the best model looks ever!

Staring down the great dane that walked by.

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