Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh Summer I'll Miss You Dearly

Well the summer has come and gone. Not sure how I feel about that AT ALL. This summer was a great one though. Full of softball games, pool lounging, beach trips, and even a trip to Florida. Everyone always lays out these big plans for every summer (we are included in that)....about half of those plans seem to actually happen. We are always wishing for more time. Vernon and I very much have the mindset of "lets just go do it, because we can and we may not be here tomorrow." Sometimes that gets us in trouble (see some of my debt posts haha). This year I think it worked out great for us. We found plenty of things to do that cost us little to no money and we had a BLAST while doing it. We started what we hope is a new family tradition of going down to Destin, FL once a year. Seriously, the day we got back from Florida I wrote "52 weeks 'til Florida" on our chalkboard at home. It's been counting down ever since. Before Vernon got out of the Air Force we went out of town at least twice a year, and we have gotten away from that. Traveling as a kid are some of the best memories I have from my childhood and I want our kids to have the same.

Some big changes are coming to the Griffith family in the next few months (no not baby #3........for now). Some of these things are going to seriously shake up our schedule and possibly shake up our finances a little. Ya know what? I think we're ready. Everything that is happening is good....great even. As things progress, I'll fill the rest of the world in.

Like I said, this summer was pretty great. We went out and did more than last year. I have so many great pictures (maybe not from a technical standpoint), that take me back to the exact day and moment. That's what it's all about people! Here's a little recap of our summer:

Trips to Mount Trashmore

After Chandler had a blast with the water table at Adalyn's birthday, I knew he had to have one.

Of course our weeks were filled with softball games....still are.

Had to go see the duck.

Strawberry Festival

We got memberships to the Botanical Gardens this year....the kids love it!

I may or may not have convinced Vernon that going to Botanical Gardens on Fathers Day was a good idea, he was a great sport and had as much fun as he could. Love that guy.

New favorite picture of these three!

Carson's All Star Team won the first Minors tournament her league has had!

We spent our 4th of July at Sandbridge

Carson used her birthday money to buy herself a tetherball setup. It was on sale. She was stoked.

After 10 long years, I had to retire my favorite (and first) pair of Rainbows. It was sad.

Carson did a Lego 8th birthday. She had a BLAST!

We did bouncy balls instead of candy. Some kids were impressed, some were not. Those that were not made it clear that they were not happy!

Vernon of course outdid himself again with the cake. I think this is my favorite.

Everyone wanted one of the solid frosting lego blocks after singing.

The girl is serious with her cornhole.

The trip to Destin was everything and then some. Leaving was hard =[

We made it a point to be up for a few sunrises This was the first morning and it was beautiful!

While in Florida I met up with a friend Jessie, she's a photographer down there. Check her out Floridians! She is GREAT! Our kids were basically destined to be BFF's. Seriously, Carson & Savanna are penpals (she wrote a letter and I definitely have NOT sent it yet...need to get on that!)

I NEED a picture of Carson & Chandler like this. I am so in love with this picture!!!!

The man, the myth, the legend.

Literally how Chandler spent 90% of his vacation....on the balcony, eating goldfish out of the chairs.

A RARE picture of my grandma =]

Thank you thank you thank you Jessie for an updated picture of us! The only one taken with a real camera besides hospital pictures (not cute). We NEED more of this!

So proud of Carson, she discovered that she was afraid of so many things on this trip. Heights, ziplining, swimming with fish in the ocean. This was our last full day and she built up enough courage to go in the water again.