Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jeremy & Emily

I did it. My first "lover" pictures haha. I was nervous as all get out, but I did it and I don't think I did too bad. Posing is something I need to get used to. So far it's been mostly chasing toddlers and capturing them in their element. This was far from that and I loved every minute of it. Doesn't hurt that the clients were so awesome to work with and had such a great attitude. =] Jeremy is my brother in law and Emily is his new fiance (cue the aww's). He left for Army boot camp last week, and I've been there. It sucks. So many emotions. You're proud, sad, happy, anxious, basically a big ball of disaster emotions. I also know how it feels to be young and know that you've found the one and have no one believe you. I get it. Let me tell you, these two have it. Jeremy makes Emily light up. All of the silliness gets her every time. Just look at her smile! Jeremy looks at Emily so adoringly I can't even take it. I've known this kid since he was 8 and I've never seen him look at someone the way he looks at Emily. I knew I wanted to give these two some great pictures to have for this stage in their relationship. I wish I had thought to do the same when Vernon and I were at this point. I wish you guys the best of luck in everything and just remember....boot camp doesn't last forever! =]

Things started off a little silly. I would expect nothing less from these two.


I finally got the giggles to stop for this awesome picture =]


Despite the wind being out of control, we had a gorgeous sunset that day.