Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miss Adalyn

Well, I did it. I actually had my first photography session. It feels bizarre. But so damn cool. I am fully aware that I am learning but I have just been on a high since I edited these pictures (thank you Jack Johnson for getting me through it). When I sent them to Audrey I was ecstatic when she told me she loved them. Seriously, so excited that I went for a run. Kinda like when a dog gets super excited, then you open the door and it runs around the neighborhood. Yea....that was me. I couldn't have asked for a better model in Adalyn. In all honesty, I was nervous as all get out and having a ONE year old being my first model was not helping the nerves. But she was AWESOME. Seriously, no crying at all. She had a little goldfish/water break in between and gave me super awesome smiles the whole time. Thank you SO much to Audrey for sending that email. You were my first client and I'll never forget it! A little info about how it all went down...we quickly decided on going to the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk. Then I saw Audrey post a picture of Adalyn having a tea party. Boom. A tea party in the rose garden. If there is a better idea for a one year old princess I don't know what it is. We wandered the gardens throughout the afternoon and came away with some gorgeous pictures. OK, enough is Miss Adalyn!

Seriously? She is TOO cute!

I was dying over her cute little leg poses!

She was huffin and puffin down the walkway


Can we say FAVORITE?!?!?