Thursday, May 22, 2014


Soooooo it's been a while. May has been absolutely nuts for us. Seriously, if you compare our calendars of May to June it looks like we are just falling off the face of the Earth next month. Besides Carson's birthday of course. =]  I cannot believe she is turning 8. I need to take some pictures of us side by side. I promise you she will be taller than me before she is in middle school. Her softball season is wrapping up, we are getting ready for two weekends full of "Murica activities, the Pungo Strawberry Festival is this weekend......then it's nothing. Kinda ready for a slowdown. With the nice stretch of pretty weather we have had, I've managed to get out and practice my photography some more. This is going to be a very picture heavy post. With some pretty exciting news included. Keep reading and keep in mind this is PRACTICING. I know I need to work on which direction the model faces (although Chandler picks where he wants to go). I need to work on not cropping off limbs. Probably most of all, posing. I'll be reading lots of tutorials on posing these next few weeks! But for now, enjoy the pics and exciting news!

First things first. I am SO proud of the husband. Vernon graduated May 10th! Everyone was kinda over it by the time the ceremony ended, so I don't have that many pics (which sucks). I also only brought my 50mm and it was sooo crowded, it was impossible to step back far enough to get good shots. We also had a party to get home too, so everything was hurry up and go. Regardless, I am super proud of him. Really, I'm more excited for things that I know are coming to him in the future. He is pushing for what he wants and ever since we both decided to do that, things are falling in line.

Waiting for her dad

I don't know who was more excited...

Of course all Chandler cared about was the hat

In other big news, I officially purchased my "business" domain name. I feel like I am light years away from that coming into play, but I got excited y'all! I've been practicing my little heart out with my camera. I plan on doing some workshops in the fall. Maybe after the first of the year I'll be able to really get started. But until then, I have a domain name haha. Again, if you are interested in a session, EMAIL ME! I am looking for all kinds of practice. If you want to do a session with your significant other, quit putting it off, let's do it! Pictures of the kids? Do it! Pictures of your pets? Let's go! Can you tell I'm excited!?!?

So this series of pictures I took on Mother's Day. Vernon's graduation party was the day before and I was exhausted from the Friday/Saturday combo. I just wanted to hang out, go out for breakfast (which I'm cashing in on this weekend), and go find a field of buttercups to take pictures in. The first place we came across ended up being private property but was gorgeous. =\ On our way out of that place we found the most perfect little nook of tall grass/sunlight/buttercups EVER to be found. Well, when we got in there we were attacked by pterodactyls. Some may call them mosquitoes, I promise you these were pterodactyls. After standing in the grass for literally 10 seconds, I looked down and there were 5 on me.....the size of half dollars. Insane. I persuaded Carson to run in the grass, turn and smile...snap one shot absolutely dripping with sunlight and then we had to go. I'm tempted to bathe us in bug spray and see if I can get her to go again. The focus isn't completely right on this picture, but I still am in love.

We kept driving and looking for fields. We were losing sunlight and hope, but we found one! A great little spot behind a strawberry patch. It doesn't have pretty tall grass or look like the Secret Garden, but it was bugfree. Winner winner chicken dinner! Not all of the pictures are great (i.e. weird posing and shadowy faces) but at this point everyone was tired of being in the car and just wanted to go home. I'll take what I can get. It was still a great way to spend my Mother's Day. =]

Chandler decided last Saturday morning that crawling was for babies and that he would start walking now. He had been taking a couple of steps at a time before this. But Saturday morning he decided to walk about 20 at a time out of nowhere. And that was that. We have a walker now! I managed to snag this one at Carson's softball game last week. =]

Through flat out Slurpee bribery, I managed to talk Carson into riding our bikes to take some pictures. We also found a patch of honeysuckles, so I showed her what those were all about. She was pumped.


Got to ride down the hills at the golf course too........while we were waiting for golfers to get away from the bridge haha

By the time we got to the bridge, the sillies were in full force.


Oh man I love this one SO much! I wish her hands were placed different. =\
Always room for improvement!

The evening ended with playing hide and seek and jumping from the tall grass.
Not good shots by any means....but we were having fun!