Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Has Finally Sprung

I went outside this morning in a tank top and didn't freeze to death. This makes me beyond ecstatic! I planned on going to Red Wing Park to take some pictures of the kids with the cherry blossoms that are in bloom there. Carson decided to sleep in until 10:30. Usually she is up at 7am, regardless of what day it is. Since she NEVER sleeps in I decided it's probably better to leave her be. However, I still had the itch to snap some photos. Chandler became the sole guinea pig. Let me start by saying that taking pictures of a toddler BY YOURSELF is stupid. I was up and down, up and down...chasing him. Come to think of it...maybe I was the guinea pig? I managed to get a few good shots, some faces I missed because I was getting back in position. Some shots came out blurry because I didn't focus correctly. All a part of the learning process. Whatever, I got out there and did it and I'm happy I did! The pictures aren't perfect, but I am working on one of my April goals and getting some cute pictures at the same time. =] Enjoy!

Chandler climbs EVERYTHING!


I wish this was in focus SO BAD =[

Crawling around with his best buddy

My three boys up to no good

MOM! Mulch tastes awesome!

The mulch looks like a cigar.
My caption for this picture is "Here's lookin at you kid."

Dandelions proved to be a great distraction to keep him still for all of 5 seconds

Getting him ready for baseball