Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Spring Pictures

I told you guys I have been really practicing my photo skills. So be prepared for lots and lots of photography posts (hopefully). I took the week off from the gym (not on purpose, it just kinda happened that way), so at least I'm doing something productive. Don't worry, I plan on getting some new workout posts going soon...complete with videos! For now here are some shots of the kids. My little models, that are getting harder and harder to work with. Carson had to be bribed with a slurpee. Chandler just wanted to crawl in the grass and barely sat still. These days I'm happy with a handful of good ones. If any photographers read this, could you pretty pretty PLEASE leave feedback! I'll take any criticism I can get! Lay it all out there. The good, the bad and the ugly. My camera locked up on me right before going out to take these. Talk about feeling your stomach drop out of your butt. I thought it was broken! It's fixed now but man that was scary! The focus is off in a few of the pictures, but I still liked them enough to keep them. I was also trying to keep Chandler's attention while taking the pictures, which resulted in a lot of chopped off bodies, heads and feet. =\  Overall it was a fun, quick little shoot that ended with slurpees and cupcakes. Uhm, win?

So this little mini photoshoot happened because one of Vernon's clients Martha posted a picture of this gorgeous tree on the lake behind her house. I mean c'mon people. I just HAD to ask! We went around the "golden" hour the next afternoon. Except the clouds and storm coming in had different plans for us. Bummer. But I know that clouds are nature's lightbox so I'll take it. I can only imagine what this spot looks like during a great sunset though, it sets right over the other side of the lake!

Carson struggling to hold on to Chandler

My gorgeous gal

My Handsome Guy