Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Results & April Plans

Well my first month of tracking my macros has come and gone. I'm pretty happy with the results I got. But I know I can do better. I took a week off from the gym, drank heavily twice and didn't do so great on my diet for about three days in a row. Nothing life shattering, but just some things that I can improve on. I've decided to declare this month Alcohol Free April! Sounds fun right? I have a few progress pictures that I want to post on here, I'm just not ready yet. Therefore, the new goal is to get myself to a reasonable place where posting pictures of myself in a bathing suit doesn't scare the crap out of me. I have 30 brand new days to push my results farther! All of this is to push myself to do better. Perfection is impossible, but I plan on getting pretty damn close. Keep in mind, my definition of perfection is going to be different from yours. Today I'm going to let you know how I ended the month of March and what I plan to do this month. Keeping this blog is really helping me keep myself accountable!

First things first, let's wrap up March. Was it the best month ever? Nope. Could I have focused a little more? Of course. I'm not even sure what a perfect month would look like. I didn't do any craft projects this month. I don't think I broke out the camera even once. We did pay off a credit card though! Baby steps! OK so March 1st I started off weighing in at about 138. Well, when I stepped on the scale today I got to see this:

I feel like if I didn't take that week off from the gym I could have come in under 130. I'm not going to stress it though. Today also starts my new "cutting" macros. They will look like this:

Calories: 1,531
Protein: 120g
Carbs: 120g
Fats: 63g

It's always a little nerve wracking to see your precious calories drop, but in reality I know this isn't a huge drop. I've started to see my weight loss plateau and I feel like it's time to switch it up. I've talked about this before, but I'll repeat it....the scale does not mean everything. I'm getting close to my goal weight and I know that as I keep putting on muscle (not that I have much right now), the scale will show little to no difference. I am striving to lower my body fat percentage. Not sure where I stand on that right now, but I'm having Vernon measure me hopefully today.
Here are my goals for April:

Some things might seem like a no-brainer....and they are. But actually writing them out gives me some weird level of confidence that it will help me actually DO it. For instance, tracking my macros everyday. In March there were a few days here and there where I didn't do it in the morning and didn't feel like catching up later in the afternoon. Trying to nix that habit. Getting outside and actually enjoying some of this nice, warmer weather. I can knock out that goal and practicing my photography at the same time. Hope my kids are ready to be my little models. Carson is getting kind of over it, which breaks my heart. =\

As for the various fitness goals, if I just do what I should be doing, these goals are pretty simple. Now that I'm a big shot runner (insert sarcasm here), hitting 10 miles per week is easy...if I stick to my regular 5-6 workouts a week. Which will also assure that I burn 5,000 calories per week. Less beer more water. Not a concept I'm excited about. Maybe after I physically see how much it helps me change after just one month it will become a habit for more than a month.

I really enjoy blogging and plan on maintaining it as much as possible. Three posts a week should be do-able. What would you guys enjoy seeing? I've been more fitness focused lately. My goal is to have this be a well rounded blog. Be on the lookout for more workout videos, some crafting tutorials, maybe even some more financial tools.