Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chandler's 1st Birthday

Today is Chandler's 1st Birthday. It seriously blows my mind. I feel like I was in labor a month ago. If you have kids then you know all about the range of emotions you feel today. I'm feeling happy, sad, proud, excited, nostalgic and old (I'm aware I'm only 26 and that is not old). The dreaded curse of wanting him to stay my baby forever yet at the same time wanting him to get older and communicate with us is plaguing me. His personality shines through so strong already, but I want to be able to know what he's thinking. When he screams for what seems like no reason, what IS the reason? I highly doubt he is screaming just to be an ass, and I hope he is not crazy (crazy people scream for no reason). Most people (myself included) blindly point to teething. But what if he just had a long day and wants to take his pants off? These are things I need to know. This is just a recap of his first year and some things I don't want to forget. Plenty of pictures and even some videos included!

I can't wait to see what his personality is like when he is Carson's age. Right now, I can't wait to be past the teething stage. We are currently working on his first set of molars coming through. One has shown its ugly face, we are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting on number two. He isn't supposed to get any of these molars until he is between 13-19 months. Both of my defiant little children decided to go against that projection. Getting teeth early is something they both have in common. Which I am happy with. The faster this gets done the better. Hopefully six months from now teething will all be a distant memory.

He is the best nose crinkler ever. This is the best picture I have of that (sorry for the crappy phone pic)

You also used to do the best fishy face ever. Which is odd because your sister couldn't do a fish face until she was like 5. She still can't do a duck face (thank God).

Another one of your tricks was whoo-ing like an owl. Or at least making the appropriate face.

You don't know a single stranger. Everyone is your friend instantly. Well, after you completely and thoroughly inspect their face. Literally, you enjoy feeling everyone's eyes, nose, mouth, ears...everything.

Everyday when you hit your peak of I'm-tired-and-need-a-nap-but-here-come-the-battle-rounds, you calm down instantly to this album:

Seriously, we listen to the entire album every single weekday that we are at work. It's an amazing album. Very folksy. You can be screaming your head off and literally the second the first song plays, you are totally silent. No other song that I have found thus far has worked. You will calm down for maybe 30 seconds, but when you realize it's not your jam you start screaming again. People in country music have raved that this is the best album of 2013. Maybe you'll be in the music industry? Obviously you have an ear for talent.

Messy top buns are hilarious to you. I can keep you totally occupied just by putting my hair up. You laugh like I am tickling you. You always want to inspect it and touch it, but thus far you haven't tried to rip my hair out. Thanks for that.

Lastly, and probably one of my favorite parts of bringing you into this world....Carson is your BFF. Seriously, she cracks you up and she is your best play pal. To the point where you have to stop and give her picture at the bottom of the stairs a kiss every morning and night. She adores you just the same. Always wanting to introduce you to her friends. Will stop riding scooters and bikes in the culdesac to come talk to you through the window. My heart melts every time. I hope so badly that this relationship only gets stronger from here on out.

Carson teaching you all of the wonderful Pokemon ways

You in the super hero cape Carson made you

Being giggle monsters for your Christmas pictures