Friday, March 7, 2014

Returning from My Hiatus

Fell behind on the blog for a while there. Can't let that happen too much! So Wednesday was our 9 year wedding anniversary. Do you know how bizarre it sounds to say that at 26 years old? It sounds just as strange to us as it does to everyone else. We wouldn't have done anything any differently. Well, maybe the actual wedding decorations, etc. We were married 12 days after we got engaged. That's not a lot of time to plan the "dream" wedding that you've never really thought about (I was a tomboy and never really thought about that stuff). Playing MASH and picking wedding dress colors was as much planning as I'd ever done. I actually remember thinking that getting married outside at night in a navy blue, sparkly wedding dress was a good idea. Glad that plan never came through. There was also no Pinterest to turn to. Overall I am glad that we did throw an actual wedding together in 12 days and that we didn't just go to Justice of the Peace with intent to have a ceremony later. To each their own, but for us I am glad that we did it the way we did.
On this day 9 years ago the amount of stress, sadness and anxiety was insurmountable. Vernon left for Air Force boot camp two days after we were married. It was absolutely horrible. We were young and we spent every single day together up until this point. Literally, I don't think there was one single day that we didn't see each other. Being separated for 6 weeks might as well have been an eternity. I always think about March 7, 2005 when I think about our wedding. The two just go hand in hand for me.

To say the odds have been against us from the beginning is an understatement. The statistics said we would be divorced long before now. We were 17 and 18 when we got married, we moved over 1,000 miles away in the first 2 months of being married, I was a freshman in college, he was starting a new job, we lived in Biloxi, MS during Hurricane Katrina (which was 6 months after we were married), we decided to get pregnant before our first anniversary, we moved to another state 7 months after being married.....Are you starting to get it yet?

I'm not trying to point us out to be the couple who has survived the most. Every couple goes through hard stuff all the time. We're no different. There have been plenty of times that we have wanted to quit. Honestly I think we're both too hard headed to do that. Plus there's paper work. Heaps and heaps of paperwork. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I have joked that I just have to make it to 10 years to reap better alimony and social security benefits. But Vernon told me we could take my dream trip to South Africa for our 15 year anniversary. So now I have to stick it out for just a little longer. =] Although, who knows what in the world will be going on at that point. I love this guy more than he knows. I should probably show it more than I do.