Friday, February 21, 2014

Set Small Goals

Maybe it's because I've started writing this blog again, which makes me track my results of everything...but I have been making great progress in so many areas. Listening to Dave Ramsey, I have heard one concept so far that I just don't completely agree with. He says that when you try to clean up your act, Murphy's Law is going to try it's best to take over. Now I do understand that you need to be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. Typical Clara is very pessimistic and keeps the bar low when it comes to goals. I'm not sure what has come over me lately, but I'm going in the opposite direction. I have always been a believer in karma and I feel like if you are putting good out for the world, the world gives good back to you. I know that "the world" doesn't give a crap what I do in my regular day...but I feel that when you are trying to do positive, it is rewarded with positive. Is it going to be rainbows and sunshine the whole way? Of course not. Shit will hit the fan at some point...always does. Keep the little bumps along the way just that....little bumps. The big picture is what is important.

Our big picture is getting prettier and prettier by the day. For one, two months into our new budget we are paying off our debt so much faster than I ever thought we could. We haven't TOUCHED a credit card since December. We paid for the Country Megaticket with cash (ok the debit card). Last year it went on a credit card. Don't worry, we decided that the Megaticket is our spending portion of our budget for the summer. Gotta keep everything in the budget! I never would have thought that we would have been able to pay off one of our debts AND buy those tickets in cash in one month. But we did and it didn't screw up February. Now here we are in February and we are on track to put a huge chunk of money on our next debt on the list. More than our snowball amount. Without our tax return (the lovely CPA's at my job screwed up my I won't be able to file for a while). I know we're only two months in but this feels AMAZING!

Secondly, I keep surprising myself with this whole running thing. I still don't see myself running a marathon anytime soon. Although with all of these surprises who knows!?!? Monday and Tuesday I couldn't run for crap. My shins were bothering me and it took everything out of me to run a mile and a half on Monday and only a MILE on Tuesday. The rest of my workout was pretty crappy too. I just felt weak and blah. I took Wednesday off and went back yesterday. What a difference that made! Guess what I did y'all?!?!

Ran two and a half miles!

Again, adding half a mile is not a big deal, and I'm running 10:00 miles. I know how this measures up to a lot of people....pretty low on the spectrum. I get it. But this is a huge deal for me. I have NEVER run more than 2 miles in my life. Ever. I would like to thank Law & Order SVU for this accomplishment. I was so into the show that on commercials I would realize "oh yea, my legs are still moving." I could not believe that I pushed myself to 2 1/2 miles.

This weekend I am going to practice my "photography," I still shudder when I say that I'm doing that. My friend Jess and her dad built the cutest little kissing booth for Valentines Day pictures. We attempted to do some pictures on Neither baby was on board with that idea. We are trying again tomorrow morning...during baby happy hour. I also plan on putting together a vision board. Lots of small improvements to be made this weekend!

Taking charge of your life and making progress (even if it starts off with small motions) is such a good feeling. I feel like I've been more positive in my day to day. The small accomplishments are starting to pile up (a very small pile) and it's really pushing me to keep going. Right now you can't tell me life isn't great. I'm probably just asking for trouble writing that, but that's how it is!