Friday, February 7, 2014

Loved & Lost


It feels as though I have been surrounded by death recently. In the past week there have been five funerals that have happened that were for people within two degrees of me (you know the whole six degrees of separation thing). Not only is it slightly depressing that it all happened at once, but my heart hurts for these families. I've been fortunate enough that I haven't lost anyone in my family in a long time. *knocks on wood* My great grandma passed away when I was about 6 or 7. I still remember it, but I don't remember feeling sad. Thankfully, I was too young at that point to really comprehend death. No one ever really knows what to say to those who have lost someone. The "I'm sorry's" and "I'm here if you need anything's" are the common go-to's. I admit, I say them all. But I feel as if it's like throwing a doesn't go very far. My way of getting people through mourning is to do something fun to try to take their mind off of it even if it's just for a few hours. There should be a list somewhere of things you can do with your mourning friend......based on things like age.

For instance, I'm going with my cousin to get a tattoo in remembrance of her grandma who just passed. I could also take her line dancing and let her drink the night away. Just to feel happy and have fun for a few moments. On the other hand, I cannot take my grandma out to get her drunk and line dance. A list....there needs to be a list.


Being surrounded by so much death made me stop and think last night about how grateful I am to have what I have. The people who lost their lives this week (that I know of) all lived their lives. Their stories might have been cut short, but they all had lived great long stories already. Puts things into what you want while you can. A friend of mine wrote a small tribute to one of the people who passed this week. She wrote "Look over me always and I promise to give you one hell of a show when I'm on my way to making it big in the world." That is so perfect. Give those you've lost a hell of a show. Love the smiling faces around you now.