Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Said Brrr It's Cold in Here...


I know you sang the rest in your head right? Ohh Bring It On you gave us great quotes. Then you shot yourself in the foot with sequels 2-4. it's pretty cold here in Virginia Beach. We got 9" of snow dumped on us. The city (and surrounding cities) has no idea what to do. Typically I hibernate and don't ever leave the porch when it snows....or just when it's cold really. This time I decided to do something different. Maybe it was the crazy amount of snow, who knows. I ventured out yesterday with my friends Christine, AJ and Christine's brother Ryan. AJ loves to photograph landscapes and catch sunrises/sunsets. We all decided to drive down to First Landing State Park to see what we could get. What we got was rejection. Literally, the gate was closed. However, we drove around to the Shore Drive entrance and voila! Access was ours. We ended up hiking about 2 miles in the snow, up and down hills and got some pretty cool pictures:

This is another one of those things I want to Focus on in 2014. I am NOT a photographer. I don't want people to think that I'm under the illusion that I bought a shiny, new camera and now I'm a photographer. This is a hobby that I enjoy. It started with wanting to take better pictures of our kids and our life in general. I'm definitely still learning. I love the learning process. Maybe one day I'll look back at these pictures and feel repulsed by my amateur photo-taking skills. For now, me and my little Canon Rebel T4i do just great =] After the first adventure we traveled farther down Shore Drive to some other trails. This took us to a huge opening on the water where I fully intend to go take a billion pictures of the kids in the spring.

I LOVE these things. I call them feather flowers...or I did yesterday. Apparently it's called Pampas grass. Thank you google.

I am well aware that photographers all over Hampton Roads probably use this spot for pictures. But it was new for me. It was fun to get outside and just go. Haven't done that in a long time. All while Focusing on something I want to do. Win win. What are you guys doing in the snow? Or what are you doing to make it past the snow? haha