Monday, July 1, 2013

a year half over or half a year to go

Which ever way you want to look at it....July 1st is upon us. You can either look at it like you wasted half the year and didn't accomplish as much as you wanted orrrrrr you can think about all the possibilities of the next 6 months! I prefer the latter. Not to say the first half of 2013 hasn't been great. We got to settle in to a great house, we expanded our family by 1 and Carson had the best birthday ever. Of course 2013 has also set out to be one of the more trying years for us thus far. Through all of the tribulations thus far though I know we'll be fine once everything simmers down.

Although I haven't done all that I set out to do for my non-resolutions, I thought I'd take a little time to recap.

I'm pretty sure that this hasn't been worked on since the first few months of the year. I'm thinking that the idea of a baby made us move in fast forward to get as much done before he was here. There are definitely a ton of projects that I want to do. I actually made a list back in January on paper of things I want to do. Well, Carson found said list yesterday and asked when we were going to do all of these cool things for her room... Guess we had better get moving! Here is a picture of her bookshelf that DID get finished enough that we could use it. But I need to go back and paint the trim. It's been part of the original plan for it and I just never did it since we were using it.

 The trim that needs painting....also need to wallpaper the back panels as originally planned.

Since I realized that I never actually posted any pictures of Chandler's ya go. There is absolutely no furniture in there because it's being used all over the house. The crib is in our bedroom, the changing table, bouncer and play mat are downstairs. It'll all make it in there eventually. I love how all of the decals turned out.

Here are a few of his knick knacks.

His first piggy bank started at the baby shower.

The whole grad school thing is a no go. However, Vernon DID finish all of his business management classes and can officially graduate now if he wants to (he's working on finishing his second major). I'll take his accomplishment as my own haha.

This non-resolution comes and goes. I did start drawing some sketches that I've been wanting to work on. Nothing extra special, just things I want to have around the house. Fortunately, getting my art on and making the home cozy kinda go hand in hand a lot. Actually, I might just start working on this soon. The spare room/craft room is a complete joke right now. Definitely something I need to work on. Maybe a project for this weekend?

I'm pretty happy with the overall results of this non-resolution so far. The house hasn't been completely atrocious (usually). Keeping up with household chores with a new baby and a new schedule sounds ridiculous, but making it a part of the schedule definitely helps. More on the new schedule below... I have started to make a new spreadsheet on our iMac but I haven't finished it. I also need to create a new planner. Included in said planner will be a blog planner. I'm really going to focus on posting consistently.

This non-resolution has taken off like a bat out of hell (excuse my 89-year-old grannyisms). The past two weeks I have been to the gym at LEAST 5 times a week (the first week was 8!). My diet has completely changed too. I know far too well that a bad diet will outweigh gym work every. single. time. I haven't lost a huge amount of weight thus far, but I feel different. My energy is completely through the roof. To the point where I can do fasted cardio in the morning and do weights at night after work and NOT feel drained. I must say, it feels pretty great. You don't realize how much fast food, soda (and in my case beer) can make you feel weighed down. I have so much energy AFTER my gym session at night that I then come home and do some chores before chilling out. I've set a goal to be in better shape than I was pre Chandler by December. Totally doable and seeing as my friends that I'm closest to also have some sort of fitness goal, it definitely makes it easier. Ok, ok, having the best personal trainer ever as a husband certainly doesn't hurt. =] I'll be posting before/after pictures. However, the before pictures are scary. Seriously, you would never have kids. So until I've accomplished my after picture, I just can't bring myself to posting it.