Sunday, June 30, 2013

Takin It Back

Time to play a little catch up. To say there has been a lot going on doesn't even begin to describe it. Memorial Day, Carson's 7th Birthday and Father's Day have come and gone. I've been busy planning everything and getting things together for those days. Afterwards all I wanted to do was hang out with the fam and just relax...hence no blogging. So today I'll do a little recap of how our summer has been thus far.

Memorial Day

We decided to have a Memorial Day party this year. It's a lot of fun having a pool, grill and patio and a bunch of friends. I definitely see a handful of pool parties this year.

 We had lots of goodies to eat. Fresh veggies, fruit, bbq chicken, grilled chicken wings and some super awesome peach sangria that us girls made.


Of course it wouldn't be a party without someone acting like an idiot. At this party, we had three idiots.

Vernon and AJ decided they would start testing the maximum weight limit of the diving board. When they determined that somehow they weren't enough, Mike got brought into the mix....

Apparently Mike was the only one who had enough sense out of the three of them to figure out that this wouldn't end well. After the party of three attempt, Vernon & AJ decided to resort to death-defying acrobatics (at least for them).

All in all it was a pretty fun time. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone all together (I'm really bad at doing that). I'll post about Carson's party next. Too much to stuff into one post.