Sunday, June 30, 2013

Carson Peyton 27 Years Old

You read the title right. Although, she's definitely not 27 years old. When she was 4 Carson used to tell everyone "My name is Carson Peyton, 24 years old." Now she doesn't even remember doing that. =[

I cannot believe that I have a 7 year old. It's crazy. So was her party. Thanks in large part to a great group of friends, she had an amazing party. I've never seen so many bright colors and so much sugar at a party. To the extent where the joke of the day was that along with their gift bags, the kids were taking home Diabeetus (diabetes). You know, the gift that keeps on giving. It felt like our pool was a community pool. Seriously, there were a ton of kids in it. OK no more describing it, here's the pictures:

Starting with the prep. The night before Aaron & Sherri stayed until I think it was 2am to help make decorations/food. Everyone had a job. Sherri knocked out projects like nobody's business. Carson filled the pinata and made the gift bags. Aaron hollowed oranges and filled them with jello. Vernon was baking the cake and feeding Chandler. I worked on banners.

The day of the party AJ & Christine came over at 8am to help us finish everything up. It was a very long 48 hours. Vernon went to bed at 2:30, I went to bed at 3:30 and we were back up at 7am. Super fun. AJ helped Vernon decorate the cake (which was nothing short of amazing). This years cake definitely helped Vernon redeem himself from last years fiasco. Christine was a paper pom making magician. She made a total of 12 I think.

The spread turned out pretty great. Sugar everywhere. Bright colors everywhere. I would say that the group nailed it.

There was Cornhole, Supersize Jenga, the pool and a table of arts and crafts.

Mike & Heather gave her Muscle Gel & Flintstones vitamins haha.
You know, for her "guns"

I'll end this with my favorite picture of the day. I have no idea who took it, but thank you to whoever did because I love it!