Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spin & Mason Jars

So last night I went to my first spin class in over a year. I used to go every Friday for a while there. You know it has been too long when the instructor doesn't recognize you. I know he has had 36,546 classes in between (rough estimate of course) but we had full-on conversations after almost every class. I felt a little deflated that he didn't recognize me. =\

Going back to spin is a big part of getting back on track with working out. I ended up getting up and going to the gym before work 3 times this week and then did spin last night. For my first week back, I'll take it. What I really want to get back to are two-a-days. I'm far from those though. It's all a process. One that I've been through before, so I know I can do it again.

Bringing a friend always makes getting back into a routine fun. Sherri came with me last night to spin class (her first one). Although we were both sore (not in our legs), I think she enjoyed it. The spin instructor Mike is awesome. Sherri told me that it was like going to church, only more bike and less Jesus. Maybe that's why I like his class so much. I do enjoy a good over-the-top, loud singing and clapping event. Here is Sherri's before and after picture... I tell ya!

After I got home I hopped in the shower before my legs completely gave out on me and I couldn't. Then I knew it was time for a protein shake. However, apparently we have umpteen thousand shaker bottles with no tops...hello future pink shaker bottles =] So I thought of the next best thing... After all, who doesn't love a good mason jar!