Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back is Still Forward Progress

I cannot believe that a third of the year is over. Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 it has been a total whirlwind. Now that things have calmed down and the only main thing coming up is Carson's birthday (not until June), I decided it would be a good time to take a look back at my non-resolutions. In case you missed the post about my "resolutions", I'm going to do a quick recap.

Believe it or not we have done pretty good with this...I think. Granted we did make some serious Ikea purchases. There are a ton of projects that we've completed on our own at the same time. My pops and I built a desk, which was a ton of fun. Can you say miter saw? I need one in my life.We also completed our pallet project. I'll post pictures of both soon. Just bought a Canon Rebel T4i. Guess what I didn't buy? A memory card. Found an awesome deal from the same place I bought the camera from...J& I am never one to pass up a deal so I bit the bullet and bought it from them, now I'm waiting on the oh so lovely mail system. I very easily could have gone to a store, but I got a huge discount on a larger memory card. Anyways, back to all of the coziness we've created...

The office has been painted and I still have high hopes that the stenciling WILL actually get done and it won't just be a far off Pinterest dream. Chandler's room has also been painted and has robot decals galore. Again, pictures would be great huh?

Along with the inside of the house, we've been working on the outside at the same time. Our pool is now open and we have had a few days that have been warm enough to actually use it. Gotta love those random Virginia heat waves. Vernon has been keeping up the yard (now that we have a lawn mower and weed whacker). I've also realized that many people call these string trimmers and thinking about it now weed whacker does sound a little strange.....I'll stick with weed whacker.

We still have plenty of projects to do. A gallery wall will be coming together in the living room (we've been buying various things for it here and there). I need to find some sort of storage system to use in the office next to the desk. Also want to put up some sort of shelving in the office. A new dining room table will be in the works soon. We will be painting two nightstands that my grandma is giving us. There are neat, small, outdoor fire pits that I found on Pinterest that I want to build.

Well after some major thinking, I decided to drop my classes. There was a beach field trip at 39 weeks pregnant involved as well as finals that I would have to go into a classroom to take. Hello! That's the major reason I signed up for online classes in the first place! It was a tough decision. I still think about the what-ifs and how the future at the shop is going to work out. Guess I'm just going to have to let it play out and see. I can always go back if I decide to. So grad school ended with a in I killed it.

With trying to get the house in order and enjoy my time with Chander while I have the time off at home...I haven't accomplished much in the art department. However, today I did go through some of the inspiration I've been collecting through Pinterest and Instagram. And...drum roll please......I even brought down my sketch pad and colored pencils from upstairs today. It's a step in the right direction people. I've crossed off a lot of my have-to's on my to-do list so let's hope that now I get to do some of my want-to's.

Since I have been home for over a month and I dropped my classes, finding a balance has been pretty easy...for now. I go back to work on Monday so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to go through and make a better planner and home management binder this weekend. That's my main goal. The house has been clean this month. Not that it's always filthy. Usually we have an accumulation of stuff everywhere, laundry everywhere and dishes piled up for days. Getting to play stay at home mom has allowed me to have the house ready for unexpected guests at a moments notice. For anyone who knows me, this is a big deal. Hopefully we can keep this going next week!

Recovery didn't go as fast this time around as it did with Carson. I was sore after just taking one trip through the mall. Not wanting to do anything to further my recovery time, I took it very slow. For a week now I have been on the go constantly and haven't had any pain. Maybe going back to the gym this weekend will be another goal of mine. I am excited to go back. Not that excited for cardio but I want to actually be covered in sweat and feel like I'm doing something again. Feeling a little unaccomplished? Go for a run. The "accomplishments" literally show up as little beads of sweat everywhere. That is a feeling I miss.

Overall I don't think we've done too bad. After all, 7 months are left in the year. =]