Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is Such a Tease

With utter disgust I have to tell you that it's snowing. Yesterday was so nice and today the wind was blowing a billion miles an hour and it's been snowing off and on all day. Nothing is sticking of course, just enough for mother nature to scream "I'm the boss, I make the rules" at the top of her lungs. If it's going to snow I wish it would stick so that I could either go home earlier or stay home tomorrow. =] Guess I'll just have to tough out my last day of work.

So in preparing for baby #2 to grace us with his presence, I've really tried to improve on how we went about it the first time. With Carson I was 18, inexperienced, 1000 miles away from anyone I knew and we kinda just winged it. Carson by no means went without anything, but the preparation for her arrival was definitely not what it has been with Chandler.

Look at that little ham.

For starters, I had an actual baby shower this time around. UPS did a great job throwing me a baby shower in Florida. Packages every other day for a few weeks? Yea, not complaining. I have a love/hate relationship with baby showers. I just feel so awkward sitting there opening gifts with everyone staring at me. My good friend Sherri threw my baby shower and did a FANTASTIC job, I'm just not sure about the whole general concept of it. Either way, I'm grateful that I did at least have the opportunity to do it this time around because we were here with family and friends.

Chandler's room is also actually turning into a real bedroom. With Carson I ended up painting it when she was about 6 months old and we ended up moving from that home about a year and a half later. It makes me kinda sad to think about it sometimes because that part of base housing was torn down. We literally saw the house we brought Carson home to, sitting there as a pile of rubble. Granted, I know that we moved on to bigger and better things, but it's just kinda sad to know that it's not there. Keep your fingers crossed that we end up buying this house! Chandler's room has been painted and decals will be applied soon. I tried to do little personal touches here and there. Robot pillow here, handmade diaper caddy there. Etsy is a wonderful thing! With my time off next week I plan on making some canvases and prints for his room and Carson's room. Again....we're going for the home-y feel people. I just really want our house to finally feel like a home. I know I sound like a broken record. Every move we do I feel like I go through this. But this time it just feels different. Not sure if it's because we have the opportunity to buy this time or what. One thing that definitely helps me get in the crafty, lets-make-this-house-a-home, go Pinterest crazy mood is the fact that Vernon is completely onboard this time. Usually he doesn't care about it and just asks how much everything was. This time around he is actually the one pushing to get things done. Which is great, except for the fact that I am a week and 4 days from my due date and haven't had the energy to do five million things at once. Energy is definitely a thing of the past. Vernon's heart is in a good place though, he just wants everything done before Chandler shows his face. Understandable. Annoying at times, but understandable. With everything that will be going on after he arrives, my main concern is keeping Carson's schedule as close to the same as it is now as possible. She is pretty go with the flow by nature and we've told her what kind of things to expect, but we all know hearing it and experiencing it are two different things. I will post pics of some things we have done thus far. Maybe keeping track of our accomplishments will keep me motivated?