Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fancy Britches & Finances

So last Sunday I apparently had my fancy britches on. I decided to revamp the blog and make it a little cleaner. That's what I went for at least. Took the whole morning...while also being interrupted by sweet little beggings of "mom, please print me out some Pokemon coloring pages." But the weather was gorgeous, the office is full of light thanks to a lovely set of French doors and a window and it was a great day to hang out and do it.

So with the holidays, packing, move, getting ready for know, my latest excuses for not doing things I'm supposed to...keeping track of our finances fell on the back burner. I usually keep everything written in a notebook and then I started keeping an excel spreadsheet. Well, both got neglected. So this week I've gone back through January & February and made a fancy shmancy new spreadsheet. I also plan on keeping up a home management binder. Spreadsheets are all bright and fancy (or at least mine are), but nothing beats pen to paper. Plus all of this new fangled technology tends to crash from time to time. I wrapped up January & February today. Here's a few screenshots:

Forgive me for blocking out the actual dollar figures. Don't need you to see how off we've been in 2013 thus far. Hopefully now being able to look at this everyday will hold us more responsible. Well, it will hold me more responsible because Vernon will never look at it. Then I get to play nagging wife. Fun. Whatever, somehow we've managed to keep our heads above water thus far, if that could just continue that would be great.

As for the family pictures, don't worry I'll post them soon. I've told myself I can't post them until I have uploaded them and ordered prints for the house. Checks and balances system people.