Sunday, March 10, 2013

All Smiles Over Here

Somehow everything is turning up roses. Pops' surgery went great, he was released the day after his surgery and has done fine so far. Chandler decided to turn his butt around and is now head down. Only thing that I have a sour taste in my mouth over is the fact that I dropped my classes. Honestly, something had to go. Walking around the beach in the middle of winter at nine months pregnant for a field research project just did not sound like my cup of tea at all.

But dropping my classes meant that I actually had some time and somehow mustered up some energy to work on the stuff for the house. We knocked out the office (for the most part), made Carson's room functional once again and straightened up our room. Now that the major stuff is done it's time to do the fun things....i.e. decorating and actually getting to the million craft projects I've been wanting to start.

Chandler's room should be completely together by next weekend too. I finally broke down and bought everything on the registries I made that we didn't get. Procrastination had been working its way against me for a while on doing that just because I didn't want to spend the money. But I did sign up for ebates (which is actually nothing short of amazing) so at least that makes me feel a little better. The next week or so should be like Christmas...packages every day. Our poor mailman. Once we have the rooms exactly how we want I'll post pics.

We also FINALLY had our family/maternity pictures done. We had to reschedule 4 times (our fault or the weather's fault, not the photographers). To say the pictures came out amazing is an understatement. Here's a little preview, I'll post more later: