Saturday, January 19, 2013

Schedule on haitus

So school is in full swing with at least 3 assignments due each week. Fun stuff. It's definitely not the hardest material in the world to get through, but the task of actually having to do it is what I'm already completely over. Not to mention my Wednesday night lab that's from 7:15-10pm is incredibly hard to get through. What is making a lot of it so hard is that I have felt extremely lethargic lately. At my last doctor appointment I had my glucose test and I failed it. The highest level they accept is 153 and I was 157. Not a huge difference, but it was enough that they have to transfer me over to a different doctor's office (the one that will be delivering Chandler). I'm not a big fan of this doctor's office to begin with because they are the ones that told us the sex of the baby when we specifically told the tech that we did not want to know. Not to mention the fact that they can't answer any questions about billing. I just hope I don't have to go in there too many times and that Chandler is ok and I don't have to deal with them too long.

So I have gotten pretty into the whole couponing thing. I ended up getting 20 boxes of free pasta, 12 tubes of free toothpaste and 5 boxes of 20 count dishwasher detergent packs completely free. Not gonna lie, getting stuff for free is an amazing feeling. I didn't do too much this week just because we have plenty of food and we're quickly running out of space for stuff. But we're completely stocked up on personal hygiene products, cleaning products and paper products. That is originally why I set out to coupon so I guess mission accomplished!

Shopping Trip #1 - Retailed at $155.37 spent $69.22.     55% savings

Shopping Trip #2 - Retailed at $158.30 spent $81.13.     49% savings

Shopping Trip #3 - Retailed at $168.35 spent $96.44.     43% savings

Shopping Trip #4 - Retailed at $258.07 spent $140.84.     45% savings

My start on my New Year's resolutions has gone pretty well so far. Our paint colors got approved this morning so I plan on buying some primer to get rid of the red walls in the den today. My pops (grandpa) and I have been building a desk and it will be finished this weekend. Then I'll just have to sand and paint it and the room will really start to come together. After the walls are painted and the desk is finished and in the room I plan on finding someone to reupholster the awesome wing back chair I saved from the trash pile last year. I did find tutorials on how to do it myself online but it seems incredibly intimidating. I would much rather start with a smaller piece and go from there to bigger projects. But operation create a cozy home will be in full effect this weekend! Painting the den and starting to organize the craft room. Pictures to come!

I'm pretty happy with how I have done so far. Nothing crazy but it has definitely saved us a lot of money.
My facebook friends are asking for a breakdown of how I do it so I promised a blog. I might do that tomorrow seeing as the Sunday papers full of coupons always get me in the mood!