Saturday, January 5, 2013



So usually I don't set New Year's Resolutions for myself. It's just not something that I've ever been into. This year after reading so many people's resolutions through the blog world I've realized that there are things that I want to do.....I guess I just didn't see them as resolutions. There's always a list of things that we want to do or things we already do and just want more of. By declaring these things resolutions maybe I will actually do them. So, in the spirit of the new year I guess I will go ahead and call them resolutions. Tis the season right? Here are a few of my unintentional resolutions:

We have only lived in the same house for more than 2 years once in our almost 8 year marriage. The last townhouse lasted 11 months. It has become almost an obsession coming up with great DIY projects to make our rental house a home. Am I limited with what I am able to do? Of of the downfalls of being a tenant. But nowadays there are SO many great ideas out there (I would perish without Pinterest), it is almost foolish to not try some. Vernon has grown accustomed to my everyday gushing of ideas from Pinterest. I'm pretty sure at this point every 5th sentence out of my mouth has been "So I found this thing on Pinterest..." Don't get me in a room with other girls either. Because then it goes from every 5th sentence to at least every other sentence. Not to mention all of the wonderful things I see on the blogs I read. So here's to making this home somewhere we can be for the long haul.......and hopefully buy!

 I have two semesters of pre req's to knock out (I get to start that wonderful journey on Monday....insert enthusiasm here). In the fall I will start (with ODU's gracious acceptance) the Master's in Elementary Education program. I have full confidence that I can make all A's. Yes I will be taking 4 classes a semester. Yes I know this is social suicide. But hey, I don't have much of a social life to begin with and I am a not-so-closet nerd. The beauty of grad school is that you get a fresh start on the old GPA. After attending 4 different colleges in order to obtain my undergrad it's nice to have a clean slate. Usually at the halfway point of a class I come to the conclusion that I can skate through the rest and still make a B. But I really REALLY want to earn those A's this time around. I missed graduating with honors the first time around by .15. Having that honor stole and honor cord on graduation day is totally worth it.

Although a lot of people I know say otherwise, I don't consider myself an artsy person. I want to be SO bad. I've decided I'm tired of wanting it and I'm going to start doing it. Vernon bought me two of the wonderful Alisa Burke's online classes. She is so creative and I cannot wait to take her classes! I requested, and received, a lot of art supplies to get me started. Watercolor paints, acrylic paints, some canvases, watercolor pads, sharpies in every imaginable color... Not only do I want to start to learn watercolor and doodling techniques, but I want to continue to paint my pottery. I have a VIP membership at Color Me Mine and I LOVE going. I just don't go as often I would like to. I have a lot of things that I want to paint and I need to make the time. 

With Chandler's impending arrival not so far away, me starting school again, Vernon entering his last semester prior to graduation and Carson's spring sports starting (softball, flag football and lacrosse)...our schedules are going to be all over the place. Since a crazy schedule seems to be just how we roll I know we can manage. But this time I want to do things different, instead of being in survival mode constantly I want to be as organized as possible. This partially ties in with resolution #1. An orderly, comfortable home will make things easier...right? I've also created a meal plan list to use each week...we'll see how it works. Just trying to come up with things that we haven't tried before that might be useful. Anything that can keep us from flipping out on each other would be great. If you have any tips, please feel free to comment! We can use all the help we can get.
...just workin on my fitness. Had to do it. I don't even like Fergie but that's beside the point. I've already committed to some friends that I will do Tough Mudder on June 1st. Approximately two months after having Chandler...and I am NOT a runner by nature. I honestly don't know if I can do it. 10-12 miles is a death sentence for me when I have been going to the gym regularly. Not only am I pregnant and cannot train appropriately but I haven't been going to the gym this pregnancy. Now that things have started to settle down I am determined to get in a groove but it's still not going to help me much with running. I know there's approximately two weeks where I won't be able to work out right after having him. So I will be going into it with about a month and a half of training. Definitely do-able but it will probably be one of the hardest things I've ever done hands down. Registration goes up another $10 on the 10th so hopefully I will reach a decision by then. Either way I WILL be in good enough shape to go to the beach this summer and not be embarrassed. I know I can do that...just not sure how much running I'll be doing to get there.

So there you have it. My list of resolutions. Hopefully when things start to hit the fan, which they inevitably always do, I will think to look back at this and remind myself of how determined I am.