Sunday, December 16, 2012

We're getting there.

The absolute worst part of moving has to be cleaning the old place. All I want to do is work on our new place and do all of the little projects I have lined up. Or do Christmas stuff. But we have to get the old place taken care of. Carson went with Pops (my grandpa) today to the Shriner's kids Christmas party and while she had a blast, dad and I got to work on the old place for the first time really. We'll be back tomorrow too unfortunately. Our old landlord is crazy with the stuff she wants us to do. We have to scrub the outside siding and clean the gutters! Uhm....definitely up to the homeowner. Anyway, we're trying to go over every single little thing with a fine tooth comb because we know that's what she is going to do. We definitely need to get as much of our security deposit back as possible.

Regarding something a little more fun....I'm officially 6 months pregnant! Yippee! After we get past the holidays (can't believe Christmas is in 9 days!) my biggest task is going to be to work on stuff for Carson and Chandler's room. There are only about 34589379432 Pinterest projects that I want to do all over the house =]

With my belly full of chinese food, I am going to go watch my Dallas Cowboys play and perhaps sip on some hot chocolate.