Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Moved In...Kinda

Well yesterday was moving day! It went pretty smooth too. It took about 6 hours total with our helpers and the rain held out for us. Not to mention we had a nice 68 degree day in December. We got just about everything moved in....there's a few things here and there that we have to move. Today while watching football we started to unpack the living room and dining room. I can't wait to have everything all done. There are SO many projects that I want to tackle. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas either. I've wanted to start for over a week now but had to wait for the move. We plan on getting a tree this week so that will be a great start.

We did get some great news about this house too. While I was here with the cable guy and the landlord Friday night, the landlord and I got to talking. She said that the homeowner's originally wanted to sell the house but because of the market conditions they decided not to. She said that if we were interested in buying it, even in the next year or so before our lease is let her know. According to the comp's in the area, I think it would be priced around $275,000 which once Vernon graduates in May and starts a government contracting job *fingers crossed* shouldn't be hard for us to do. To me the house is ideal. Is it perfect? No...absolutely not. I say ideal because there are a ton of projects to do around the house (i.e. new molding, flooring, possibly redoing the staircase, fixing doors that don't fit just right). But so far there doesn't seem to be any major structural changes that we would make (no walls coming down). It is great that we get to do kind of a test run for a year or even two to see if we love it as much as we think we do. I can see us buying this place though. Good house, great lot, great location, great schools.... We'll see =]