Friday, November 30, 2012

Mama Did Work

On that horrific spare room that is. Everything is packed and labeled (the labels actually became part of the game this time). Here's a pic of the before (judgement free zone here):

That room was literally a catch all of anything and everything. Knowing that you'll be moving twice in one year is highly unmotivating to do anything. There's a spare bed under there somewhere. The office chair is sitting on it. Well I came home last night and just as I'd hoped, went into full on nesting mode. Emptied all the half packed boxes, sorted, tossed stuff and made donate boxes for clothes and toys. At the end of the night (or at 9...had to get enough duck dynasty episodes under my belt before bed) it looked like this:

Told you there was a bed! Just need to get the lids out of the garage for the blue tubs and we're all set for that room. I "plan" on washing those sheets before I pack them but in all reality they're going to get stored and whenever they come out to play again I'll wash them. I just feel weird about using linens when they haven't been used in a while...I have to wash them first even if they went away clean. To say my back was killing me is an understatement. Somehow Chandler and I hung in there and knocked it out. Carson's room is next...I just didn't have it in me tonight.