Monday, November 26, 2012

Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms

I have a healthy, happy daughter who makes me laugh every single day. Literally even when she is in her worse mood and is driving me up a tree, she will do one thing that makes me laugh. She is smart, wise beyond her years and honest. I have never had problems disciplining her. The terrible twos never happened. She never once lost her mind in a restaurant. To say I was blessed is an understatement (let's hope it goes as smoothly round 2).

My husband is my rock. He listens more than the average husband (or at least makes me feel that way...and let's be honest, that's all that matters). We are both stubborn, hard headed Leos and we have the WORST fights where it's a battle of who can be most hurtful or who can make the most points. But they're over within 12 hours and we've learned that this is just how we fight. He values my opinion and lets me have my way 99% of the time. He always pushes me when it means the most and leaves me the hell alone when I just need that hour to myself. He doesn't judge my odd habits (i.e. playing Sims for 6 hours on my off day).

I am also 21 weeks pregnant with a thus far healthy baby boy. He is already bringing so much joy into our lives. His random kicks and stretches light up my day. Watching Carson react to all things baby and the whole "I'm going to teach him the ABC's" and "I'm going to teach him dance moves" makes my heart grow like the Grinch. I can't wait to meet this little guy and watch how he interacts with our family.

Sometimes I just need to stop and think about all of these wonderful things that I have. Stress has been something that has followed our family from day 1. We were married 12 days after getting engaged, Vernon left for boot camp, got pregnant, Vernon deployed, went back to school full time and worked a full time job. Sprinkle in 6 moves and you've got yourself a pretty nice pile of crap. We're going through another trying time. We have medical bills piled up right now (with a labor and delivery that insurance will not cover looming our way in a few months), we're moving in less than two weeks, there's Christmas, a newborn and going back to school (don't forget those student loans!). I don't like being in debt at ALL and thus far in our marriage we have done pretty well to avoid it at all costs. But it's going to start piling on here soon. I know we'll get through it because somehow we always seem to but it's just scary looking down the tunnel. Gotta hold onto those rainbows!