Monday, July 23, 2012

Day One

Well day one of the new job didn't go so bad. Learned a lot about billing, invoicing, etc. I've never done it before, but it's not the most difficult thing to do. It will take some getting used to because there are so many different products and model numbers that I just have to "know." You know, the things that they don't really know how to train you on in a job that they just know? Well I'm now working for a mom and pop place. So my grandpa knows the entire business like the back of his hand. There is a lot that he's teaching me that are things he just "knows" and I have to pick up on. Not the easiest thing to do, but I'll get it.

Still working on getting the rest of my life into some kind of order. The thing that is most stressful is that at the shop everything is completely unorganized. It drives me nuts. So the more I go through things, I am going to start separating and making a system to keep everything a little more orderly. The same applies for our household. I still want to make a family binder but can't seem to find the right time. I know it's a process and that I should do it little by little, I just can't find the motivation to actually get started.

Pretty excited about the new job and I'm determined to have this work out and have us set in things. I just have to stay focused, learn everything I can from someone who has done it for 52+ years and have it continue to grow as much as possible.