Friday, July 20, 2012

Change is my middle name

Well here we are again. Having our lives turned slightly upside down for a while. Today is my last day at GEICO. Over the 4th of July break, I talked with my Pops (grandpa) about coming to work for him with the intent of taking over his company so that he can retire. He agreed that it was a great idea and that he had been waiting for someone to want to take over (he's 73!). I still mulled it over for a while because I wanted to figure out if that is really what I wanted to do. Well on Thursday July 12th, the big email that I had been waiting for at GEICO finally came out about them looking for coaches. Basically teaching the new people that come in on what to do and help them learn the systems....One of the requirements was that over the year your average (we get report cards each month on a scale of 1-5) had to be at least 3.75. So I quickly checked what mine is and ta-da! it's 3.73. I asked if they would let me apply for the coaching spot anyway and they said no. So there was my answer. They made it for me. I went to talk to Pops that night about the position and what I would be doing there, etc. It really does suck that I wasted my time there. Although I did get decent paychecks while working there, I initially went in with the intent of moving up the ladder. Coaching opportunities come around maybe every 6 months. I can't stay on those phones for that much longer just to see if I am selected at that point. Staying on those phones for 8 hours a day makes me want to put a bullet in my head to end the madness.

So once again, major life changes. Something usually changes every year with us and this must be it. I've also decided to do medical transcription school online at the same time. The school is about 6 months and then I can do that from home. But I'll actually be doing it at the shop (where I'll be working with Pops) while I'm there. Because the shop isn't the busiest place in the world (he owns a Scale company). I'll be doing invoices, billing, filing, etc. to learn the business for a while and try to get two technicians in there so that we can expand. So I'm going to be doing the medical transcription work down there at the same time because he basically needs someone there to answer phones once all of the filing is done. Two salaries while working one set of hours? Yes please! I plan on starting the school for that after me and Vernon's birthday (same day!).

Oh, and we're also moving again in January. Yippee.....not. We're also going to be renting again. Booo. But with me transitioning into something new and starting the medical transcription work, we know that we'll get approved for so much more if we just hang in there another year. It sucks and I'm really over renting, but we have to do what's best for us. Vernon is graduating next spring too and is going to start looking for a career at that point, while finishing up his other major. Again, big changes that will affect our house buying process. I just wish that we could fast forward to that point. I really wish we could just both be settled in our careers and home and just relax from year to year and not worry about changing jobs, moving, etc. But then that just wouldn't be us now would it?