Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Settled In

So here we are...almost 2 weeks into living in the new place. We have tons of boxes filled with stuff everywhere still (ahh the joys of two working parents!) and laundry everywhere (not sure if it's dirty or clean at this point). Being that this is our 6th move in 7 years, we're pretty much used to it. This weekend is going to involve a lot of family time, getting stuff where it needs to be and building some new furniture. We're building a new amazing bookcase for the living room and some shelves for Carson's room. We also have a new bed for Carson, a new bedframe for us and hopefully a new dresser set for our bedroom. I'm hoping that we get the bookcase for the living room done this weekend. And no we're definitely not Amish =] I have found amazing building plans from the fantastic Ana White.

Carson got her report card for the quarter and she has progressed from a 4 to a 5 in 7 categories. Pretty excited for her and super proud mommy. I hope she is the little nerd that I was and that school comes as easy for her as it did for me. Sometimes I feel like we're not working with her enough because we're both so busy trying to keep everything together. I wish so badly that I could be home more. At times I think it would be best if Vernon had stayed in the AF but I wouldn't trade knowing that he is HERE with us at all times for anything in the world. I cannot even imagine telling Carson that he was leaving for months at a time. Glad I never really had to do it seeing as she was 6 months old when he did deploy.

Trying to stay on top of getting a little bit done every day. Easier said than done though =\
Oh well, here's to a late night Diet Peach Tea Snapple (trying to stay focused on getting back into the amazing shape I was in prior to the holidays) and a good old fashioned folding party. Everything sounds better with a good old fashioned in front of it right?