Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Getting There

Well, we're getting there slowly but surely. In about 2 1/2 hours I managed to get the room down to what you see here. In this picture I actually have one giant blue tub of books now in the room (that was downstairs previously) and 2 cardboard boxes full of books that were in the hallway before. So I got rid of 4 boxes, made space to store some things until we get all of our bookshelves built and we can now walk in and reach everything we need because it's not all piled on top of each other.  Unpacking is horrible. When we moved from Florida back to Virginia it was a whole lot easier because I wasn't working that much in Florida and I packed each box according to what room things should go in and labeled them. Made the packing take slightly longer but it was SO worth it because it made everything so much easier. I will most likely be doing that for our next move. Ugh our next move....shouldn't be thinking about it yet. We really like it here and plan on staying put until Vernon graduates and we figure out where we will be living and what our jobs are going to be, etc. I hope we can buy a house at that point. I want a house so bad it's ridiculous. I want a place that if I want to hang a shelf I can and not have to worry about filling its holes a year later. I try to make each house our own even though we're renting but it is tough to see all of these great projects going on in all of these blogs and not being able to do any of them. =\  Hopefully everything goes as planned!

I'm getting ready to go paint (I paint ceramics) and then Vernon will be home from work and we're really going to try to get a lot done with the bed today. I'll take pictures as we go. Biggest thing we've built yet!