Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Get It Started Now


Let's get it started in here. That's right, that's our spare "bedroom." Not much sleeping can be done in there right now due to the fact that the bed is lying up against the wall. I have about 3 hours before I have to leave to go get Carson from school. It can be done right? Right? I've been putting it off the past few weekend and I've decided it gets done today. Every once in a while we'll need something and can't find it because it's in one of these boxes somewhere. Since one of my goals is to get all of my scrapbooking stuff out so that I can use whenever I want, I have to get this done. 

We started building Carson's new loft bed last weekend but didn't get very far. It started snowing and it was FREEZING outside so it sorta put a damper on things. It's much warmer now and we really want to get a lot done with it this weekend. We went back and forth between which bed we liked best and which one would be more sturdy. I ended up doing a Pinterest search (go figure) and found this one.  

No blueprints, but it's pretty straight forward. All right angles and all 2 x 4's. I can't wait until it's finished! She is going to have so much fun hiding in there. It will be complete with ropelights and a bean bag chair. The pinterest link took me to this blog and I love it. However, as I sit and type this with Rascal Flatts serenading me in the background, the spare room still sits waiting for me to declutter it. Here goes nothing!