Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goals for this Blog

My goal for this blog is to really use it as much as I want to. I want to get involved in other things besides work and wifely duties. I do try to go paint my ceramics as much as possible, but I want to start doing all of these super awesome things that I see on pinterest and other blogs. I want to be crafty =]  I suppose completely unpacking would be the first step. Without doing that I have just had a feeling of being unsettled for the whole year we've been here. We're moving to a new townhome this Thursday. It's bigger, has more storage and it's open concept. Hopefully this makes us feel like we're less on top of each other constantly and I would really like to have my scrap stuff set up in the spare room like I used to have in our old place. Getting Carson's 1st year scrapbook done WILL get done before this year is over. I need to do all of these great things that I have in my head out in the form of scrap, photography (if you can call it that) and whatever else comes to mind. New place new goals!