Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm a Thief

So the best thing I have learned from my new job is that it is OK to steal things. Ok maybe not things but ideas at least. If something inspires you, why shouldn't you use that to your advantage? Lately I've been writing nonstop about how I am so inspired by so many other people. I don't feel weird about this at all. Right now I am trying new things and doing stuff that I normally wouldn't do. It may seem uninspiring to some that I am feeding off of others as opposed to going with my own thoughts but right now I am NOT the expert. I'm taking all that I can from the "experts."

I've been losing weight and doing really good on my diet for the past three weeks. This weekend I probably went a little overload on my portions (thank you Erica's BBQ =] ). It's summer time and that is bound to happen. Just gotta be careful, that's all. I'm being more careful about what I eat on a regular basis. I do like the results I'm getting. I wish I had measured myself before all of this and taken before pictures. =\ But that's ok, the end result is all I'm after.

This week feels unreal to me. Carson turns 5 on Thursday. I cannot believe my little mama is getting so big. =\ I'm excited and sad at the same time. I'm so excited for her because every year she ages she learns so much. She gets to do new things (we're hoping she's a swimmer by the end of the summer) and she is getting so smart. She is so excited about going to kindergarten in the fall and I am so ready for her to go. She has started "reading." The beginning stages at least...she is memorizing the words on the page. She knows a whole book. But that's one way of getting started. I can't believe she is trying to read. I need to take some more pictures, I have been slacking on that lately =\