Friday, April 8, 2011

OK Where's the Light?

I've been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday I might have seen a sliver. We found out that Vernon is going to get paid a little more from the military than we originally thought. Not huge amounts of money, but enough to fill the gap so that we won't be paycheck to paycheck. We'll basically be back to how it was in Florida. Right now that's all we're shooting for.

I'm so over not knowing how things are going to be financially. We haven't had to worry like this for a long time. We still won't truly know for two months (if I get the Wells Fargo job). The first month is the training and then it'll be another month before we really see how much I'll be making. Vernon should hear something today or tomorrow about whether or not he got the job at One Life Fitness. Hopefully he did. Although now we're thinking that maybe he should have just collected unemployment so that he wouldn't be going crazy with school/work. Until he gets past A&P I and II and Chem I and II the hours he puts in at school and the hours he'll put in studying are going to be insane. I dunno, somehow we always manage to figure everything out. I guess this will be no different!