Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So last week was very hard. I knew I had the interview with Geico today set up but I wasn't very hopeful about it. Other than that all I saw was the clock winding down from me leaving my current job without having anything definite set up. Yesterday changed all of that. I got a call back from the Wells Fargo interviewer telling me that I had landed the second interview. Which loaded up my Tuesday and I was planning on going to the walk in Wednesday at Bank of America as well.

All of a sudden I had a very loaded up two days! Today I went to the Geico interview and was VERY blown away by the facilities and the job itself. Every step that I went through in the interview process got better and better. By the time I was sitting in the call center listening to calls coming in for an hour I was hooked. I can totally see myself doing this. And guess what? I GOT A JOB OFFER! =]

The pay is amazing and the benefits are too. But the best part? I only work Sunday-Wednesday. With my shift either being 9-7 or 10:30-9. Needless to say, I am LOVING everything about it right now. The Wells Fargo interview went well but I just don't see the opportunity for advancement like I do at Geico. Is it there??? Yes of course but it's just not going to happen as fast as it would at Geico. I cannot WAIT to get started. I leave the car dealership on Saturday....couldn't be more excited to do that. And I don't start at Geico until May 9th. So i have 9 days off =] whoo hoo!

I was so excited driving home today that I almost cried.....literally. These past 8 months have been horrible. At one point I know I started to get depressed. After moving here and my job not working out I could see myself going right back down that path. I really needed this. Things were beginning to fall apart, in every way imaginable. Hopefully now our finances will get back in shape and we can concentrate more on things that really matter. Gosh I can't even stress how much I needed this. I don't feel like I'm failing anymore!